Puppy Grooming

Here at Clean Pets, we make keeping your pets clean easy. We're a mobile dog groomer who comes to your home for adult dog and puppy grooming. We service the areas of Greenville, SC, Simpsonville, Taylors, and surrounding areas. When you want experienced, caring dog trimmers, you want us. We truly care about all clients. We pride ourselves on the excellent service we provide. We love to make your dog look and feel good. Our dog trimmers groom dogs of all breeds and sizes. We do it all from a simple shampoo and nail trim for your Chihuahua, to grooming your Shih Tzu to look like a show dog.

Many of the dogs that we groom have been with us since they were puppies. Puppy grooming should start as young as possible. When you begin puppy grooming your pet at a young age, they expect it and lose their fear. They become used to water, and shampooing, the sound of the clippers, the sound of the dryer, and getting their nails cut. This makes the entire process easier for the dog, as he or she gets older.

We treat your dog with care and kindness. The entire experience is designed to be as calm and non-threatening as possible. This is one reason why mobile grooming is such a good option for your pet. Instead of driving the dog somewhere and dropping them off, the dog stays in its own safe area, which is comforting to the animal. He or she will be surrounded by familiar scents and sounds.

The next time your furry family member needs to be groomed, call the groomer that comes to you. Once you experience our dedication and talent, you'll never want anyone else. We look forward to meeting you and your dog.

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