Pet Grooming Service

Pets add a lot to the lives of humans. They give their humans unconditional love, enjoy being with them, provide companionship, friendship, and make them laugh. Humans appreciate all that they get from their pets and look for ways to give them the best care possible. Regular grooming is one thing that you can do for your pet. Pets that aren't groomed regularly can have knotted, matted fur, that is uncomfortable and painful, they also won't smell good, or feel pleasant when you pet them. It can be difficult to groom animals yourself. If you don't have the training or the equipment, pet grooming can be difficult.

If you live in Easley, SC, Greenville, Taylors, or other nearby areas, and you want someone who can make dog or cat grooming as easy as possible, call us at Clean Pets. Our top priority is getting your pet clean and happy. We are a mobile pet grooming service, so all you have to do is call and make the appointment, then we take it from there. We have tons of experience with both dog and cat grooming. We strive to make the experience as stress-free and pleasant as possible for you and your pet.

When you call our pet grooming service, you can be sure that the person who grooms your animal is an animal lover. We truly care about every pet that we come in contact with. We'll give your animal a bath, brush them out, cut their fur, if that's what you want, and dry them. You tell us what you want, and that's what we do. We follow your instructions to the letter. We use quality products on your pet, and we don't rush. We take as much time as needed to make your pet picture perfect.

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